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Re: Hauled Out & Marina Closes, What Happens?

Originally Posted by JimMcGee View Post
Here's the scenario:
  • You've paid your winter storage and your boat is hauled out and sitting on stands in the yard.
  • The marina goes bankrupt. There's no one to run the travel lift and the bank has liened everthing in sight.
  • Can you get your boat out, and how many hoops do you have to jump through to do it?

Has anyone encountered this situation?

This actually happened to a marina/boat yard in our neighborhood several years ago. We had a boat in there but fortunately were given a heads up as to what was about to go down by a marine surveyor friend who had an office in the marina yard. No one had been given any notice as to what was happening but we went down to work on the boat one weekend and the power was turned off everywhere except the main building. Then one evening my husband went by and saw a group of strange people in the office appearing to go through all the file cabinets. (It was a small father/son operation and we had never seen anyone except the two of them and their office girl in that office before.) When we noticed our friend's office had been vacated we called him and he said, get the heck out of there before they slap a lock on the gate. We were not permanent tenants. We were just hauled there to do some maintenance, so we had a regular slip elsewhere that we were able to move our boat to.

Things hadn't been "finalized" yet so we tracked down the owner (at a local crab house he and his father also owned) and got him to launch us. A couple of weeks later it was all closed up, with a lot of boats still stored inside.

Fortunately several months later a new owner had taken over, made a lot of improvements to the place and was back to business as usual. But a lot of people were stuck inside in the meantime. The part that we found so appalling was that no notice was given to people so they would have an opportunity to leave before things were locked up. So sad.

I'm not sure what would have happened or what recourse would have been if the facility had not re-opened. I'm just glad we got out.

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