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Re: How many women here own their own boat?

I did not mean to hurt anyone by my comment, and I'm sorry if I did. Maybe I didn't explain myself well.

It's hard to argue that the vast majority of posts here are made by men. Not all women are completely comfortable in an all or mostly male environment. I think that's why herSailnet was created. So women could feel welcome here. (Admins: correct me if I'm wrong.) Creating a hisSailnet would be kinda silly because every section here is dominated by men. And I have no problem with that and never did.

If this was a forum about hair, nails, and makeup (we'll call it HairNet ), I would be perfectly okay with a section created just for men, so that they knew they too were welcome to participate. I see nothing divisive about that.

The existence of gender identified sections does not mean the exclusion of the other gender. It only means that one can go to that section and expect participation primarily by the gender identified in the section's title.

That this thread turned into alluding to the herSailnet section is, by it's very existence, divisive really surprises me. I never saw that coming. All I wanted to know was how many women here own their own boat.
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