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Re: How many women here own their own boat?

I can think of an excellent reason to bar men. Too many here on sailnet come onto a thread, misread what is plainly written, and start endlessly arguing about some irrelevant trivia that takes the thread way off track. All they care about is their argument. It interferes with people communicating and lowers the tone and value of sailnet.

Pages here of arguing about what "sole ownership" - not written anywhere - or some such means, and asking for a clarification of the original question. Hey boys, if you are so smart, how about reading the first post, written in plain black and white English, where you will find the question amplified into:

"I was just wondering how many women here are the primary owners of their boat?"

Is that really so difficult to understand? What's to argue about? Divisiveness.... , good grief!

And thank you to those who wrote pleasant and funny things about lives, wives, daughters, etc., and who did not add to the argument. You are what makes sailnet great.
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