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Re: Post Survey Cost Estimates

Andy, I'm a curmudgeon, cynic, and pessimist and the nicest thing about being a pessimist is that it is always a PLEASANT surprise to be wrong.

I'd run away from the boat.

Compression under the mast is not fixed by adding a plate. It is fixed, like the delamination in the side decks, by openingup the deck, removing all the bad coring, and replacing it. That can be a major, exensive, and expensive repair. If you have no experience at this and don't want to gamble on removing the skin from the deck and rebuilding it--ask a local fibgerglass shop for estimates. Show them the survey and some pix of the boat. I suspect their estimate will shock your pants off.

If that doesn't send you running...
The good news is that liferaft, etc. business just means the surveyor is using boilerplate to pad out the size of his report. Your choices of safety gear have nothing to do with the condition of the boat.
The wiring, well old wiring needs work and the price can add up even if you do all the labor, but that's part of an old boat.
The gooseneck, on the other hand, if that's worn you probably can't just buy replacement parts, you are looking at machine shop work. Some pictures and clarification would help.

And there's one other thing, deck delamination and compression under the mast usually mean the PO has not been taking care of maintenance, which means there will be more surprises in other places.

Me, I'd run away. But see where the estimates are, are look around online at how much fun (not) deck recoring projects can be. Done professionally, they can literally double the price of a boat. DIY, they can eat a whole lot of weekends and don't even ask about the epoxy in your hair.
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