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A Precautionary Note on Fischer Panda Generators

Jeff H has decided that it was the responsibility of the boatyard to supply a new generator. I disagree. They sent the unit back to Fischer Panda to have it serviced and Fischer Panda sent it back having been repaired. If it couldn''t be repaired, then FP should have said so. But that isn''t what occurred. One can conjecture that the problems that I''ve been having have been the result of it being dropped, but no one can prove that. I can''t.

It''s also been suggested that I''m going after FP because they''ve got deep pockets. False. I''m going after the company who manufactured the generator. The boat is in Curacao. They''re an international company who has the means to resolve this issue as opposed to a boat yard in Rhode Island.

This is a matter of picking which battle to fight. Perhaps you would have done it differently, but I suggest that if you had spent as much time considering the options as I have, that you might have come up with the same strategy as I did.

I will admit to posting this in about 6 different boating related forums. I will also admit to e-mailing every dealer that I could find as well as their German parent company. As a result I believe that someone finally took notice and I''m not ashamed of this at all!

I did however forget to update this forum with the following post that I placed in other forums:

I am happy to report that the president of Fischer Panda, USA, just called me to discuss my problem. He was very apologetic for dropping the ball. We had a very constructive conversation and we agreed that:

1) Fischer Panda will ship a new Farryman engine to Curacao.
2) I will ship my old unit back to them.
3) They will determine what the cause of the problem is
4) If it is determined that this isn''t a Fischer Panda problem, I''ll pay for the new engine.

This was actually my proposal. You might think that I''m crazy for agreeing to point 4, but I was about to buy a new engine from a distributor anyhow. I believe that FP will be fair in their analysis, and with all of the pressure coming from other organizations within FP (I e-mail blanketed the US and German parent site), I think that they''ll see things my way. Or at least I hope that they will. I want to show them that I''m very willing to work with them, and hopefully they''ll respond in kind.

Things are looking up right now. I''ll keep you posted.

-- Geoff
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