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Re: hand held radio for man overboard

Originally Posted by steel View Post
That looks like a good choice, having the GPS and location transmitting functions. I'm surprised I haven't seen more talk about carrying a radio like this. What good is an EPIRB if the crew on your boat doesn't even know that you're missing!

A VHF handheld will only work a 1/2 a mile away? No way! A 2W signal would probably work 15 miles over open water to a mast top antenna. VHF signals are well suited to these sorts of conditions.

It doesn't matter if the boat can see you. What matters is that you can see the boat that you fell off of and you can direct them back to your location. With DSC features, things are even better.

Why does everyone feel compelled to change the subject and talk about avoiding falling overboard? Yes, I know you shouldn't let yourself fall overboard, and I know that generally it is considered sure death. Why not use your time to go on a health forum and tell all the people who are getting cancer screenings that they need to work on better health and avoid all the toxins and modern medical practices which cause cancer?
This radio has a 1 watt and 6 watt output switch, definitely the range would be more than 1/2 mile.

Yea everyone says stay on the boat. I single hand a lot and am normally clipped on and use jack lines. But I could still go over the side or my safety equipment might break allowing me to go over. I also carry the VHF in my pocket and am looking into maybe getting the small ACR PLB (Epirb) that I could also carry. With the VHF I could try to contact a nearby boater or Coast Guard and with the Epirb I should be able to get help withing 24 hours. I like to have back up plans. It makes me feel safer and with that feeling, I am probably less inclined to make a mistake as I am concentrating on the task at hand instead of worrying about what if this breaks, or this happens.
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