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Sven Yrvind

This guy is incorrigible

After having crossed the Atlantic in this:

He is going to circumnavigate non stop on a 10ft boatand probably he is going to manage it

His general theory:

"Most people misunderstand life. Let me explain.

Comfort does not make you happy, on the contrary it is dangerous to your health. It makes you lazy, fat and bored. It is only by using energy that you can create energy and it is the surplus of energy that makes you happy and healthy. Happiness cannot be bought for money...

n a thousand ways our civilization over stimulates us. Not just by nicotine, by cars or by lending us money. Most people nowadays are slaves to many masters.

As with all addictions we need more drugs, more borrowed money, bigger cars and bigger boats. We get deeper and deeper into trouble and misery.

With my voyage I hope to show mankind that, luckily there is an opposite way, a more natural, sane and ecological way to be happy. Slowly as I have gained insight I have made myself less and less dependent on stimulants, I have become less and less a slave. I have never used coffee, beer, vine, or tobacco, not even once. Twenty years ago I stopped drinking tee. I have no TV. Ten years ago I stopped listening to the radio. It took about a year for me to get detoxed. Now I need no radio. I hear my inner voice loud and clear. I do my own thinking...

In my planned trip I will be at sea for more than a year. There I will be protected from over stimulation. Hopefully that way I will gain much of my senses potential power and increase the clarity of my mind. A voyage like my planned one will give plentiful stimulation. I aim to come back a younger man to start building a nice small cruising boat; one not restricted by a ridicules ten feet rule".

Well, Sven is peculiar but is not mad at least in what regards sailing. Its accomplishments speak for themselves:

"Yrvind has made several ocean crossings in his tiny boats. In 1980, Yrvind rounded Cape Horn in 'Bris II', a 20'/5.90m boat of his own design, alone and in the middle of winter, a record for smallest boat to round the Cape. This achievement won Yrvind the 1980 Royal Cruising Club medal for seamanship. In the Roaring Forties he allegedly collided with a whale."

The last crossing was last year, from Europe to the US (Florida).

About sailboats he says:

"A small boat well made is safer than a big one. It is less complicated and smaller forces are acting on it. On a small boat you have more control."

And he really means small Take a look at the model for the circumnavigation:

A true nutshell You know that in Portuguese, that is a language with a lot of expressions taken from the sea and boats mean figuratively the weakest of all boats: "A casca de noz".

Obviously he don't think that way

The project:

The boat:

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