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Re: hand held radio for man overboard

I'm a fossil and an honorary Scotsman among my other quirks. I was taught to dive by a genuine WW2 surplus USN Frogman, UDT, whose philosophy about things often differered from the tourist shops. I still dive a J valve, mainly because there's one better design I forget the letter of, but you can't find them anyhow. (R?) I don't want fancy computer guages, I want to dive with LESS STUFF and a simple depth & time will keep me happy because Froggy engrained in our skulls DO NOT PUSH THE TABLES they are only for extremely heatlhy averages and if you push them you will get bent. Heck, he even showed us where "the tables" were for water warm enough to swim nekkid, and that since we were suited up, we were supposed to be using the COLD WATER TABLES, something I never heard tuaght to anyone from any other agency but there again, it just adds safety and cuts bottom time and hey, I'm fine with that.

All the new stuff...wonderful. More expenses (Oh sure, $40 for a super-VIP without a refill?) more stuff to get snagged on...which is why I still don't use a marker. I figure if I'm dumb enough to lose the boat, they can put that on my gravestone. There's been worse said about folks.

Velcro on the helm seat, velcro on the butt, problem solved.
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