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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Some more information about stability on tall ship safety that show how crazy were those heeling degrees on this movie:

<iframe width="890" height="501" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

In fact I was right in assuming 60 has a desperate angle, in fact it is even less for most tall ships (between 50 and 60) and that corresponds to the downloading angle, that in modern sailing boats is normally near or over AVS (non return point). On this big animals water starts to enter the ship much sooner compromising stability.

There were made some serious studies about tall ships stability and the conclusions were that the heeling sailing safe heel angle is as little as 24 of heel and over 30 is really dangerous and can lead quickly to a downloading condition.

As I have said before the knowledge to sail one of these ships is a very particular one and a sailor used to modern boats, even a professional one will not understand the risks and procedures to take on bad weather with one of these boats.

Yes , they can take bad weather and the conditions that were described that lead to the sinking of the Bounty does not seem that severe (there was cases of tall ships surviving 75k winds) but that implies a very sound boat with a professional knowledgeable crew adapting proper very limited storm strategies.

It is worth to point out that most of those tall ships are steel boats made and designed in the last years of the XIX century, first years of the XX century and are not boats designed according with XVIII centuries designs.

To aggravate the situation it seems that on this boat only the Captain had knowledge of this type of boat. The crew was paid but almost all recruited t recently on Nova Scotia and I doubt they were specialized sailors.

So guys, take care in what tall ship you put your kids sailing: Bigger on this case does not mean necessarily safer.


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