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Re: Need Some Advice on (6) Mo. Provisioning

Okay, some stops not NO STOPS...
In a previous response someone said that there are foods that are readily available everywhere. Buy that locally... someone else pays the freight to ship it!
Look at the provisioning threads on pressure cookers (I just bought one) and learn to use it before setting out. Propane or alcohol fuel will be a limiting factor no matter what you cook. The pressure cooker will allow you to use less fuel to accomplish the cooking. I also just bought a Thermos pot. Good for soups, beans and stews... bring it to a boil, place in the Thermos and allow the residual heat to cook it for a couple of hours. Much less fuel use.
Not sure I would go with a lot of canned foods. Cans would be hard (inefficient?) to store, being round and leaving lots of gaps between.
As I said in my earlier post, use a vacuum seal a meal device to make a more stowage friendly package. It also is see through, so you know what is in it. Dehydrated onions, celery and carrots can be packed that way and used in all your recipes. And in smaller packs than the #10 cans that the dehydrated stuff is sold in (IIRC a #10 can holds a gallon). The vacuum sealed plastic packs can be placed in tupperware bins and packed under settees and such.
You will want to be able to eat on board as do now ashore. If you eat out of cans now, plan on cans aboard. If you don't do a lot of cans now, figure out how to maintain a similar diet (taste as well as nutrients) aboard. Sailing will make you happy, but not if the galley makes you sick!
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