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Re: Our Medical Experiences in Mexico

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
More people immigrate to the US than nearly the next four countries combined. Overall, on average, we have something more attractive than anywhere else on the planet. Warts and all. Mexico didn't make the top 15. Canada, with their nationalized health care, made a good showing at about a quarter of the US. Seems to take more than nationalized health care.

I know this is an old discussion but I have been off sailing. My comment is not about foreign healthcare, although we have been pleased on the few times we have needed it in places like French Polynesia and Fiji. Rather it is about chart reading and the conclusions that one can and should draw. This looks like a chart from The Economist (great publication by the way, not sure why they call it a newspaper though). There are two sets of stats in the graphic. You use the bars graphs to suggest that the US is the most attractive destination for immigrants by saying that there are more in the US than in the next four countries combined. This is true, but the point is moot since the population of the US is more than 4x that of the other four. More instructive are the numbers to the right (foreign-born popn). Using this measure the US is not close to the highest so this would suggest that other places are highly attractive (Switzerland, Canada and Australia stand out). Don't know if this data includes illegal immigrants or not, but I suspect it does.
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