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Re: Advice on Buying Mulit Unit vs Separate Items


Good to hear that you 2nd the fact about -- Multi Unit Woes (crashing) and can become inop. Also, Capt. Pete uses his hand held and paper map. This works great as his primary nav. method/ tool.

I'm smiling, he must be a school trained X Army Aviator or X Navy. Mil. pilots are trained to use a map & compass as their primary tool/ method for navigation. Yes, we use -- Sat. Com. Nav., GPS with Doppler Nav., NDB's, VOR's and Loran & Tacan's (< Navy 4 last (mostly) two). We always have our route planed and always ready for electronic nav. failure(s). Absolutely, our (close in) target area is very well detailed... with photo(s) & satelitte overlays (last 5 to 10 K's). I'm an X Night Stalker, Task Force 160th (SOAR) and we will come for you in the dead of night (bad guys beware). When we're in a hostile area, we turn off all our nav. equipment (w/ output signature). The Mil. has been operating with no signature for a long time. My old unit was involved with taking -- Seal Team VI in to visit Osama bin Laden. I have been long gone from the unit but our nav. policy's have not changed (use map & sat. overlays) for final target area. Also, this is common place (map as primary) for all the military schools (use map 1st) teaching .. that I'm aware of. The TF 160th takes it a little higher (sort of an understatement) for their target site planing. Todays Mil. GPS Nav. with take you to -- 5 to 10 ft area on the ground (not a big secret to the world) and even closer than that ??? .

So, I will start looking for -- Stand Alone Units. I have started my search here (classified) and other places as well. I'd like to know about some of the better known (what say yee) equipment - Nav.with Charting, Auto-Pilots, (depth meter or Sonar with Nav. Charts tied in and Radar as my last puchase (if budget money is left over). I can't buy everything new (no fat wallet). I'm looking for (more up-to date) modern equipment for sale by owners. Most likely, the owner is up grading; so their stuff is still good but for sale now and the price is good too. I was advised by Capt. Pete, since I'm not going out until Apr. of 13; plan on buying my electronics the last month before I go out. He said, they change everyday (almost) and the you can pick up later model units just before you go out at a better price. I thought Capt. Pete gave me good advice. I will start looking and will buy them 1, 2, 3 as I find something at a good price too. *** Some of you know that I'm just a new guy and learning. I write this stuff down.. for the purpose of re-read by members of SNet to be double checked. I want to get it right the 1st time Ref. what I buy with my retirement funds & budgeted too, can't afford dumb mistakes !

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