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Dufour 335, Hanse 345 and Bavaria 33

Originally Posted by daviid View Post
Hi Paulo

There is a rumour that the new H345 will replace the 325 and the 355 which would then make sense - the range would then be 345, 385, 415, 445, 495, 545, 575 and 630e

The Hanse owners website now has a separate section for the H345 - New Hanse 345 - myHanse - Hanse Yachts Owners Forum - Page 1

I have reviewed the H345 in this forum.

I think Hanse introduced the H345 in response to the Dufour 335. Both boats offer a lot of boat for their size and include some really interesting innovations. One point to note is the mainsheet system with Hanse opting for the coachroof block system and Dufour opting for a pad eye in the cockpit system that is fitted to the cockpit table.

Voile et Voilier in the November edition commented that the H345 offered pleasure with complete security and found the boat to be very seaworthy. At Euro 100,344 the new H345 will be hard to beat if you are looking for a cruiser of this size. Just my opinion as a Hanse owner without any other affiliations
Hi David,

Difficult to comment on that because I agree with everything you say (and I am not a Hanse owner). I would like to just point out that the system Dufour and Bavaria had opted in what regards control of the boom and mainsail through the main-sheet has the advantage of a better position. I mean it is on the end of the boom and that contributes for a better boom control. Of course, Hanse has that system that pull the boom from two different sides and even if that is not as good as a traveler, it will also give some additional control.

The Dufour has the same system as the Bavaria 33 but has two additional lateral pad eyes om the side that permits a very good boom position in what regards downwind sailing that is one the limitations of the Bavaria system and in a lesser degree from the Hanse too.

In what regards having the commands at hand both Dufour and Hanse offer winches at reach of the wheels-man while the Bavaria has them more far away. Even if the Bavaria is a narrower boat and has no need of a two wheel system the fact is that on the other two (that have twin wheels) it is a lot easier to go forward.

The Dufour 335 has also a very nice interior and it is a very nice looking boat.

To be fair, some movies with the Dufour:

The truth is that most buy the boats by its looks by the interior and by the price. In what regards price the Bavaria 33 is a clear winner, costing almost 10 000 euros less than their rivals (71 667) while the Hanse 345 and the Dufour 335 are very close (83 900 and 83 283). Prices are in Euros and without tax and off course this is not the real price of the boats: This are standard boats and then you have to put all the extras, so to be sure about the boat prices you would have to ask for an offer with a decently equipped boat.

Regarding what people do not normally see, in fact these boats are very different: The Bavaria is less beamy (3.42 to H-3.50 and D-3.49) is lighter (5200kg to H-6200 and D-5450) but most of all has less stability, having a smaller beam and a smaller B/D ratio : (25% to H-33% and D-28%). In fact Dufour is well inside the average of B/D for these type of boats it is Hanse that is offering a boat with an unusual stiffness in this market segment. That stiffness and B/D is more typical of the more expensive performance cruisers.

In what regards the boats in standard version the Hanse is the one with a smaller Sail Area/Displacement and will be the slower in light winds: B-17.3, D-17.7 and H-16.6, but the Hanse due to its superior stiffness will be able to carry full sail more time and will be faster and safer in higher winds and bad weather.

Of course, to have the Hanse performing better in light winds you have just to have it with a bigger genoa but then you will pay more and will lose the self-tacking jib that is one of the brand trade marks. Both the Bavaria and the Dufour come standard with a genoa, not a jib.

If I had to choose I would pick up the Hanse and I would want one with a 135% genoa and a traveler over the cockpit. Now that would make it considerably more expensive than the Dufour



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