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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
A sail boat or any boat is built by a builder following a specification list. This was a boat that was meant to be used on a single movie and burned at the end of the movie. I am quite sure the specification list take well in consideration that this was just a boat that should last some months and not a boat to endure many storms and many years of sailing.

The price of building a boat with the specifications needed to stay together during some months would be very different of one that was built to stay afloat a lifetime so I am pretty sure the specifications would take that into consideration. Movies are run on a tight budget


Sorry Paulo, but you are misinformed. The HMS Bounty was built to the original drawings for the 1784 Bounty, found in the British Admiralty archives (she was made slightly larger to accommodate the filming of the movie). Also the budget argument doesn't hold true in that era - think of films like Ben Hur - huge money was spent by Hollywood in those days. After launch in Nova Scotia, HMS Bounty was SAILED to Tahiti for location filming. In fact, MGM planned to burn the vessel there for the movie, just as the original was burned by the mutineers - realism at any cost! Anyone who was ever been aboard HMS Bounty will tell you that this was not a prop boat - think of her as more like Gazela Primiero or other working sailboats built in your country.
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