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MacConaghy MCR35

Originally Posted by robelz View Post
Hey Paulo,

of course I know that there is a big difference between the Salona and maybe a SunFast. What I do not know up to now is how much comfort I am going to need. I guess the Salona is too much but the SunFast might be too less.

There are some boats on my wishlist that I want to have a detailed view on.

From racer to cruiser (as I think):

Jeanneau SunFast 36
Archambault A35
Summit 35 (wheeled version)
MacConaghy MC R35
Beneteau First 35
Salona 35s (Performance or IBC)
Jesus, every guy that likes to go fast would dream to have a MacConaghy MCR35 bur unless you have a lot of money to give for a small boat it is just a dream. The boat costs USD 280 000 without tax and I am not sure that is not the price in Australia, I mean you would have to add shipping costs. This is a boat on the A35 class but faster and more expensive. A boat that weights only 4025Kg and I bet, at least 40% is ballast.

McConaghy Boats - MC-R 35

We never talked about the Summit 35, probably because the boat has some years but we talked about its big brother the King 40, also called Summit 40.

The Summit 35 it is also on the same class of the A35, a bit heavier but with a bigger B/D ratio and as fast if not more. It is also a lot more expensive.

Compared with all those the Jeanneau 3200 is inexpensive

I don't understand why you put the J108 on that list. It is a slow boat much slower than any of the others. If you want to put a J there put the J111.

I guess you have to define a budget, I mean what money do you have for a boat? and then what use are you going to give to your boat?

Remember that one thing is a boat that needs a full crew to exploit its potential, other boats that are easy to sail solo and that for the price of a high-tech boat used mostly for racing you can have a bigger performance cruiser that can go as fast with a solo sailor, with more comfort and a better sea motion and a lot more of interior space.

Of course if it is mostly for racing with a crew that is a different story.



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