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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Hello, wrongful death lawsuit...Wonder what a jury will think about this dude's actions? I don't think it will matter that the actual conditions leading to her death were merely a gale instead of a full-blown hurricane. The conditions were such that a reasonably prudent professional captain would not have set out to sea in that particular boat at that time. If I were plaintiff's counsel, I would replay the YouTube video portion at 10 minutes 40 seconds as many times as humanely possible, where the "captain" explains how he chases hurricanes.

It's nice that some of you are so sweet and forgiving, but a young woman died as a result of extremely poor decision making by someone in charge of a boat. A captain of a boat is responsible for his crew, period, end of story. This was not an act of god, it was an act of pure stupidity and recklessness.

This incident also demonstrates the fallacy of the importance of years of experience and/or a USCG Captain's license. Neither one means anything without common sense. Applying the pareto principle to sailing, the successful completion of a cruise depends 80% on the captain and 20% on the boat. The ability of the captain is 80% common sense, good judgment and problem-solving ability, and 20% technical know how gained through study and experience.

If you have read the posts on the listerv long enough, you will already have realized there is no shortage of fools who take to the sea as an escape. Do not risk your life on someone who does not demonstrate common sense and sound judgment.

I am beginning to see a pattern on the listserv. After every major storm, we do a play by play on some jackass who decides to leave port immediately prior to the arrival of the storm. Who is going to be next unfortunate victim?

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