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Re: Nautical Market

Originally Posted by daviid View Post
Hi Paulo

My thoughts
  • Sailing is an expensive hobby that requires some serious disposable income
  • It also requires time
  • Unless you are a trust account kid, it is totally understandable that the average age for private ownership is on the up for these 2 reasons
  • This also explains the massive growth in the charter market that can cater to sailors of all ages. If you want to sail for 2 or 3 weeks a year, then charter
  • If you are wanting to sail for more than 2 or 3 weeks , I believe that fractional ownership is the way to go. The initial cost is shared as are all the running costs.
  • If you are able to sail for 12 weeks and longer, then you could consider outright ownership either via a charter company ownership scheme or direct where you are responsible for maintenance etc
  • Some charter companies have ownership schemes which offer a lot of flexibility providing you are able to make use of the boat for around 12 weeks per year. Sailing for less than 12 weeks makes these schemes expensive. The downside with these schemes is that you are often told what to buy by the charter company. This of course may or may not be a bad thing . At the end of these schemes, you can either roll your investment into another new boat or adopt fractional ownership. The other downside is that the depreciation in value is often under estimated by the the charter companies
  • If you have the time to sail for at least 3 months a year, then buying your own boat makes sense. If you wanr to avoid the inevitable depreciation of buying new, then the best value purchase is from a reputable charterer at the end of 5 years when you can have the boat surveyed, have all the problems fixed and get a new set of sails. The engine hours on the boat should be irrelevant. A well maintained diesel engine is capable of doing 15000 hours. If you want to sail for more than 2 to 3 weeks but don't have the time to sail for more than say 12 weeks per year, then buy one of these boats and get some co-owners to share the costs - this way, you will avoid the capital depreciation cost.
  • The charter companies are buying boats that are becoming bigger and bigger because many charterers are sharing the costs and the need for more accommodation on board is on the up
  • On the other hand we know that sail boats and common sense often have nothing to do with one another ))))

Just my opinion of course

Onwards n upwards

Well, logic does not always work in what regards sailing boats

If I had a boat in shared ownership I would not feel that it was mine and I would be always pissed with the way other owners treated the boat. I know myself, I am quite a maniac in what regards taking care of my boat and for what I can understand I am not the only one around this forum. On other hand, having been for some time looking for an used boats I could see how people take car of their boats and the general picture is quite bad.

Regarding buying a charter boat after 5 years, well, they are cheaper but for a reason: In terms of use those 5 years correspond to 20 in what regards the average boat for sell by a private owner.

In what regards engine, 15 000 hours is a maximum but after about half of it the boat needs a complete reconstruction and most just buy a new engine at that time. The maintenance of an engine with many hours is a lot more expensive than one with a few hours and the chances that something go wrong is bigger.


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