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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

You guys are really too much. Sitting in your computer chairs making speculations and pronouncements with only the evidence you can find on your computer screens....and then whats worse...making judgements with the limited information you have. Some of you have appointed yourself members of the jury, donned spacesuits, taken an oath not to allow or listen to any evidence or arguments which are contrary to what you think, listened to only the first 10 minutes of the prosecutors evidence, and delivered your verdict. Hohw can you even form an opinion on this until there are more facts....especially first hand statements.

Most of you are adults who have made done things in your hisory you may not be proud of and even made stupid statements youd love to retract. Using some statement of You tube ( which could of been altered even) , which could have been taken out of context, which really has shown to have no relevance to the captain leaving on this journey and then making it the central theme of your hysterionics is ridiculous.

There beleive it or not may be other scenerios to this accident then a man hell bent on dying and taken 15 people with him while he commited suicide.

Maybe something catastrophic happened to the ship physically which the bulider or restoreing commpany did which the captain didnt know about. Maybe they used defective materials or a defective process in repairing the ship, how would you know? You wount even wait to find out...guilty as charged

Maybe the captain was not even in control of the ship, maybe he was hurt, maybe there was a mutiny who knows for sure yet.

No person who left on board that day was forced to by gunpoint as far as I know, the forecasts were out.

While the INITIAL evidence looks suspect it is only the beginning of the evidence and only what you can see from your computer screens. To draw conclusions from it is dangerous, unsubstantiated, and shallow IMHO.

Oh yeah some denizen will post like they always do that we are doing this so we can learn some kind of "lesson" or "teaching experience" from it, when actually up to know it has been a character assasination by the internet mob who love to speculate on others tradgedy. Ive seen it happen here with the Rule 62, Fairlones Incident, Encenada incident, the lady leaving on the boat in England, and now this tragedy. What is it about tradgedies which brings the worst out in some of you? You dont even wait for all the facts before your theories start and then come the judgement. But I guess thats easy because no one knows who you really are making these public statements, as you hide behind your screen.

Slow down here, two people have died......hardly any of the facts are in yet. The ship left on the 25th,THE CG is remarkable. Those are really the only facts which are really undisputed and have been verified. There will be plenty of time to understand and process the facts and I am sure it will be done by real experts on the field and real lawyers rather thean the computer screen lawyers here. Then and only then will we really have the truth about this. Until then tell me....what pleasure do you derive from speculating on this.


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