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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
You guys are really too much. Sitting in your computer chairs making speculations and pronouncements with only the evidence you can find on your computer screens....and then whats worse...making judgements with the limited information you have. Some of you have appointed yourself members of the jury, donned spacesuits, taken an oath not to allow or listen to any evidence or arguments which are contrary to what you think, listened to only the first 10 minutes of the prosecutors evidence, and delivered your verdict. Hohw can you even form an opinion on this until there are more facts....especially first hand statements....
Actually we know a lot more than that.
1) We know that Sandy was reported a huge dangerous storm, long before the Bounty left.
2) We know that Sandy was headed up the east coast and prevailing weather systems made it very unlikely that Sandy would head out to sea.
3) We know that Sandy was most likely to come ashow somewhere between Delaware and New York
4) We know that all this information was available to the captain and crew of the Bounty.
5) We know that the original Bounty was manned by 44 officers and crew. This version had less than half that and there is no way they could have had the experience sailing a full rigged ship needed to take her through a storm of this magnitude.
6) we know that the Bounty heades south toward the storm rather than east to try to go around it.
7) We know that it is ultimately the captain's responsibility to go or no go and to set the course.
8) We know the Bounty sank on the western edge of Sandy with the loss of two lives.

There is no way we can know exactly what happened that caused the Bounty to sink but that really isn't the main question, at least not for me. What I really would like to know is why, given all that was known at the time, the Bounty left port in the first place.

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