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Choice of USA Grown Wood for Rebuilding

This Morrning, I Removed All (most) of the Cover's and Lift Up Panels on the I-37.

I saw the tell tail signs of wood breakdown that was attached to the sides of the hull. The white paint was funky and some of the marine plywood pushed away from the structure (away from hull). My camera went dead and I could not take these pictures, will provide later.

My Question, can I use USA (domestic) wood to replace these bad areas. I understand that the marine plywood is bought from a supplier. I'm asking about 2 X 3 (?) or so structure members (boat is 42 YO). I see these problems in two seperate areas, (1st) closet on starboard side, (about) mid cabin and (2nd) further to the rear of boat, just outside the cabin, starboard side.

My Father (passed 2009) had a lot of -- Oak (White & Red), Ash, Cherry, Cedar, Walnut and Yellow Locust stored away. He had other wood too but don't remember them all, but still stored in a shed in the dry.

I just did a search on SNet. and did not find enough to lead me in the right direction (to pick the right materials).

No# 1 Question -- Would the Oak or Ash I have be a good wood to repair my boat ? I'm (really) asking.. would the Oak or another wood (?) be one of the best woods to use to replaced the bad wood (structure framing) on my I-37 ?

Also, would it be a good idea to treat (DIY pressure treatment) this wood with a recommended

_______________ ** name brand X) treatment solution prior to use ?

I have the plans for making a 16 foot pressure tank. I was thinking about building this tank anyway to treat (SYP) pine posts so they will not rot. I have two saw mills and do my own sawing; Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is cheap around here (Bonifay) in FL. I have a number of SYP logs to saw up for building my pole building.

I have a complete (planers, routers, jointers, moisture meter, saws, etc.) wood working shop and can make about anything, I do not need to buy any tooling.

(A) What USA Wood is the Best for Structure Members (bulk head framing)

1st Choice _____________ 2nd _______________ 3rd __________________ ?

(B.) What Wood Treatment 1st Choice _____________2nd ______________

3rd __________________________ would you use ?

(C.) What Paint is the Best for Applying to Treated Wood 1st ______________

2nd _____________________________ 3rd ___________________________ ?

Note: I like Oil Based Paints and the newer water base paint is Not on my recommended list. I'm new to marine repair work and will listen to the folks that know what materials that work the best. I do not care to buy materials from other country's when USA Domestic Wood will be (nearly) just as good.

Remember, I'm in the process of building my own 16 foot pressure tank from scrap (have to weld it together) materials to treat SYP for a pole building.

Anything else that I forgot to Ask.. Please Include in Your Advice. I have bought a couple books on -- Boat Repairs. These 2 books cover all levels (minor to major) of repairs (wood, fiberglass, elect., engines, etc.). They will (not likely) cover the choice of USA Woods and Pressure Treatment and then Painting. These books will cover over the counter purchases and OEM repair parts for one on one replacement items.

Thanks in Advance,


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