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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Why isnt anyone focused on that young mother who didnt heed the warnings to evacuate on Staten Island who had the babies ( 2 and 4) ripped out of arms and killed by the storm surge? They just found tem yesterday...dead.

Dont give me the excuse you are looking for a learning or teaching moment Focusing in on tradgedy is human we all feel for these people. But talking about them add nauseum and affixing blame, making assunptions not knowing ALL the facts, assasinating the reputation of a dead man while sitiing at your computer desk eating twinkies smacks of the mobs going to the Roman Collesuem to watch the inevitable outcome and cheering it on.
Because Dave, the last time I checked this forum is a "SAILING" forum and it
is what we want to talk about. IF it were a child care forum we would
be talking about the dead babies. I for one am trying to find out more
of the facts in the hopes his decision making can be better explained.
I personally have made as stupid or worse mistakes but luck was with
me... We learn from our mistakes and sometimes from the mistakes of
others and we sometimes die when luck is not with us.

Maybe they should make videos of the half dozen worst preventable
sea tragedies and make all captains view the video each year in order
to renew their license. That type of thing occurs in some other industries.

I do somewhat agree that we have done as much as we can with
available info. Until we get the feedback from the survivors which could
be substantial, we probably wont be able to form many more opinions.

I dont expect the Coast Guard investigation will turn up much because
they dont want to find very much. The guys who refurbished the ship
a few years back would be experts as to the type and manner of construction but they better watch their butts or could be named as a cause
of problems occuring.

Also someone said several 1st Engineers have quit the job ostensibly
because of the impossible condition of the ship and what I inferred
to be the unwillingness to assume responsibility etc. Wait till we
hear from those guys.

My engineering background makes me want to know the angle
of the ships pitching to and from between waves tops to troughs
and what the bow or stern looks like when reaching the bottoms
of the troughs. One fellow talked about a similar situation
where his boat would bury the bow under the water comming
down to the trough..

Just cant wait till we hear from the crew so we can know when
the masts broke along with other stuff that made it apparent
the ship had crossed the threshold from survivability.

How bout this as a question.... did the Captain wait too
long to abandon ship or to call for rescue ?

If I am not mistaken, his first distress call was 10:30 pm
right? Abandon ship then at 4:00am. That is a long long
four and a half hours for a crew that probably all thought
they were going to die.
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