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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Let's say, for arguments sake, that the conversations held regarding this incident lead to safety measures that ultimately result in a reduction of loss of life at sea. Would it be worth questioning the decision the captain made (and possibly tarnishing his reputation) to head out to sea in the direction of a hurricane, that at the time was decimating the Bahamas, if that meant saving lives in the future?

We are all emotionally invested in the loss of the life of a sailor. We can't help it. We all know the call of the sea and most of us have put ourselves into a situation that we later regretted. But trying to stifle the conversation, when emotions are high? I don't agree with that.

After the shootings in Aurora, CO, officials were asking those who were calling for an end to the sale of assault weapons to please withhold their criticism and demand for action out of respect for the deceased. Where is that conversation today? But it will begin again the next time it happens. And it will.

The same goes for sailors needlessly dying at sea. One side wants to know how this could have happened, the other side says remain silent out of respect for the deceased. And if we follow the latter, the conversation dies and only re-emerges when another life is avoidably lost at sea. And that too will happen again if measures aren't put into place to prevent it.

We can't prevent all loss of life at sea but we can certainly take certain measures to reduce that loss. Heading out to sea in the direction of a hurricane is one of those measures.
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