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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

OK back from my twinkie

Let's say, for arguments sake, that the conversations held regarding this incident lead to safety measures that ultimately result in a reduction of loss of life at sea. Would it be worth questioning the decision the captain made (and possibly tarnishing his reputation) to head out to sea in the direction of a hurricane, that at the time was decimating the Bahamas, if that meant saving lives in the future?
Just like I said...a teaching moment would be the answer from many of you. I agree with you if it lead to a safety procedure which would save someones life it would be worth while. I dont hink the discussion of sailing into a hurricane warrents what is common sense. And the lessons to be learned would be from the RESULTS of an impartial investigation not the Colleseum members cheering on the decapitation of the dead captain. So my issue here is not about learning a lesson for all sailors, that can be done after this truly gets investigated and thoroughy thought out. My issue is the rush to judgement and the finger pointing at the captain at such an early moment in this tradgedy. It may come to bear that he had 80 % of the responsibilty for the accident, but we dont have any idea of that now. Again the colleseum mentality hasnt even heard a statement of ONE of the survivors, but the captain bashing has begun.

I supervise over 1500 employees. A great amount of my time is dealing with issues related to personel. Usually there are two sides to a story and then there is the truth which may be closer to one side than the other but usually lies between the two stories. What I have learned humbly as I grew more mature, was that I had to be careful not to go with my INITIALevaluation and facts concerning an incident, and allow the ivestigation to play out without predisposing myself to an opinion. I cant say I was always good at that or even now perfect about that, but letting facts surface is better to realizing what really happened instead of speculating.

other side says remain silent out of respect for the deceased
No I didnt say that either. Remaining silent until some of the facts are known and you have at least eyewitness acccounts would seem to be more rational and just. Read some of these posts villifying the Captain and ridiculing him. Since you just recently joined go back to the threads on Rule 62, the Farlonnes incident, the Encinada incident, the british Lady and read the threads. These threads perhaps got almost as much if not more paticipation than the gun or anchor threads. The blame game starts early on in those threads too. Even before very many facts were in evidence. Mmost of the "lessons" came only after all the facts were revealed and resulted in good lessons ie teathers and sea state close to shoal area ( Farlonnes), crew sleeping ( Encinada- the initial collesuem reaction had them looking for a freighter who cut them up), coming in during a Rage, how a crew cant affect best judgement of a captain when they get sick ( rule 62)

What I object to is the rush to judgement...remember that phrase. It can means taking a few facts and then CONSTRUCTING scenarios to fit what YOU want it to appear to be. When that happpens other facts can be ignored or overlooked. What I have seen in some of the posts here is a rush to judgement on the captain. Weve seen posts looking at the righting moments, sea state, condittion of the vessel etc. We see hypothesis from a few facts. No eyewitness accounts yet, except a hypothesis of a conspiracy as to why that has not occured. Even a recent statement that the Coast Gaurd would hold hearings, but wont want the facts to come out. Why would someone say that? Why would someone say its a suicide mission? Do you think the captain though as he did this that he wanted to commit suicide with 15 people?

One thing I have not posted here which I guess I should. Like wingnwing I have been on the Bounty and met the captain. If someone asked me for a judgement of him, and this is a big time snap judgement, he seemed professional, knowledgeable about his ship, a teacher of others and dedicated to his responsibility for the ship and its crew.

I guess its human nature for people to love to take something, think the worst, and then fabricate reasons to support their conclusions

I am withholding my personal opinions about what happened till I find out more facts, but one fact I know is that if he is found to have been the whole cause he paid the ultimate price.

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