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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I hope this is going to be different. Remember that the reason of the inquery is not to find if the Captain took or not bad decisions : "Coast Guard investigations of marine casualties and accidents are for the purpose of taking appropriate measures for promoting safety of life and property and are not intended to fix civil or criminal responsibility".

Remember that have been several accidents with tall ships and the public demands measures to be taken in what regards safety. If they don't propose measures to control the risks of sailing on those ships, and remember these ships take public and teenagers to sail, next time a accident happens it will be said that was because they had sit and watch, doing nothing.

I think many things can be purposed: a sensible minimum crew requirement for each boat, a minimum sailing qualification on these type of ships for each crew member, regular and very frequent inspections for old boats and so on.

Also in what regards wooden boats it makes all sense to have a permanent naval carpenter as part of the crew. When ships were made of wood the carpenter was an indispensable member of the crew and the one that advised the captain what the boat could endure and when was time to stop sailing and take defensive measures. He could also made emergency repairs and the ship had aboard material for that.

The crew on the original Bounty had not only a master carpenter as also two other auxiliary to take care of any emergency.



If you read it carefully may statement

May be or may be NOT. I think our society have become a whining society. No one is willing to take responsibility for oneself. We have lost our spirits of self-reliance.
was to reply to the statement made by casey1999 on Political Correctness comment. There is nothing to do with Bounty tragedy.

I do not want to the Chesapeake Lion troll to use your pose to attack me.

Fine Print:
I am old school. Integrity is to do the right thing even when no one is watching.
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