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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

What more could possibly come out of the investigation that could exonerate him from blame?-JulieMmor
I dont know. I knd of agree, but I want to wait until the facts come out.

We dont know how much pressure he was getting from outside interests. I know he could have said know to that, but we dont know. There may be others responsible for his leaving on this schedule.

Exonerate is a big word here....that implies guilt. "To free from blame.
To free from a responsibility, obligation, or task"

In the USA were are presumed innocent till proven guilty. Guilt is determined by theall the facts after an independent investigation.
There may be shared responsibility here. I know to you and others that sounds incredulous, but it may be true.

Again my point here is not to defend the captain. It appears on first look you may be right It is to say that a rush to judgement before all of the facts are in and certainly no first hand statements is unwise, unecessary and smacks of poor judgement itself.

People on here have been criticised recently, given Darwinism awards foor poor judgement even though they knew all the facts before they made decisions to remain on their boats during the storm, even to the extent they were said to have poor judgement

Now some of the same people who did the above want to judge and pillory this captain without all the facts yet. Who is the one with the poor judgement

I propose we give the sailing Darwin Awards to everybody who stayed on their boats thru Sandy ( I mean those in Sandy's zone of damage). If you stay aboard, nobody thinks you are brave, we think you're a moron. You endanger your life, you endanger any rescuers and you make sailors in general look foolish.Frogwatch

I have yet to hear anyone who survived a serious storm by deciding to ride it out say they would do it again. That alone should be enough to compel anyone who is predicted to be in harms way to leave. But there are always those who believe there's something special about them that enables them to fend off the onslaught of Mother Nature-JulieMor

If you stayed aboard then sell the boat NOW before you endanger somebody else.-Frogwatch
And then the voice of reason steps in, look at everything before deciding or judging

It depends on the particular situation. There are too many variables to set some sort of mindless rule designed for the least capable sailor. Not all storms require abandoning your boat. Some people are capable of making that call on their own-smurphy
My question...why CANT you wait until most or all of the facts are in....what compells you to rush to judgement...people who rush to judgement scare me big time...maybe that means on their boats they will rush to judgement and not get all the facts to make a proper decision therefore endangering others.

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