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Re: How Does Your Islander Sail?

I would echo all these for our 1983 bahama 30. quoted text; "...starting at about 11 kts of wind and need to reef the main at about 15 kts. If I don't it starts developing some significant weather helm and heels excessively (and slows down). In a 10 kt breeze, I manage about 5 kts on a beat and 6.5+ on a reach. At 12kts and higher I'll get to 7 to 7.2 kts on a reach, depending on how flat the water is. The LWL is 24 1/2 feet, giving a hull speed of 6.64 kts. With a SA/D ratio of 17.66 and a D/LWL of 247, I am delighted that my relatively heavy coastal cruiser manages those speeds." end quoted text.

however, we do a lot of sailing without best trim.

I have a new set of party dresses made for lady. Got a 135 foam luff furling jib which we frequently furl to 100%. We have a full batten slightly high road main, just taps backstay at top batten as we tack. it has two reef points for cockpit rigged reefing lines. we keep one set run and rarely reef main.

we have sailed home on weekends in 30plus knows multiple times with just a storm sail corner of jib out. once with two reefs in main and we ended up shaking out to just one reef as boat just was not balanced. performed very comfortably in Puget sound (ie about 3 foot waves).

she handles comfortable in up to 18-20 knots without main reefed and jib furled to 100%, but kills pointing. probably my skills (lacking). But I had to get used to the full batten. We are now comfortable with main top twisted very far out. it looks strange to me but is a full knot faster than heeling. and the sailflow tell tails on the main all fly, the top one wont fly till sail is very twisted off.

we had one fun 45 mile long slightly aft reach in august. hit 7.9 multiple sustained times on impeller speed. at 40 miles the gsp said average speed 7.2. pretty satisfying.

We have raced he some in 20 mile long races and down pretty well. We are going to do a five race jack and jill series next summer and hope to be in top five as we beat several boats this year who were in top five this year in whole series. we ahve a rating of 201 with the 135 jib, so that helps. But it is a small jib. in one single hand race this year I was in a 10 mile shootout with a ranger rated 199. I had to reach back and forth on a the run, where he wing and winged it (flying sails not allowed on this single hand race) with his 150+ jib. stayed just ahead till downwind mark. They we had a five mile tacking dual which saw the lead change hands five times. Mostly do to single hand blown tacks. At the drag to the finish it was a contest to see if he could sail high enough to escape before I rolled him. Ended up winning by 11 seconds corrected. I really really wish we had some local B30 boats here to go head to head.

in another race we sailed with jib furled to 100% and full main doing 6.5 upwind in 15+. we though we had missed the time limit (very light wind first half of 30 mile race) so didnt push it to finish. But got scored very competitive and passed a couple similar 30 foot boats who were heeled over further.

We were under a small asymmetrical we purchased off a 28 ft boat one day just coming home from a cruise. Just about as tight a reach as we could sail the chute and got knocked down as crew was going forward to douse sail in a quickly rising 15 knots. We got knocked down had and had a brave soul on the leeward side knee deep in the water say the whole lifeline went under. at the main shrouds. But boat popped back up quite nicely. We doused main too as it looked to keep rising and sailed on jib in 20 knots last 4 miles in a rolling (waves from stern coming from both stern quarters) but comfortable sail.

due to a dispute with an unmarked dolphin (read log!) in a harbor entrance we are having a new rudder built with a little more elliptical design to replace the large square original. design should make steering easier yet.

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