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Pogo 30

Originally Posted by Mr W View Post
Looking good!!

//Mr W
I am very curious about this boat. As you know the Pogo 30 is a remake of the Pogo 8.50, a famous boat on Pogo story. The Pogo 8.50 was the first Pogo that, being more pointed to competition, namely the Transquadra, was what we could call the first Pogo that was also presented as a boat that could be used as a camping cruising boat.

I expect the Pogo 30 to have a better cruising interior and certainly with its swing keel will be a better cruising boat, but will it be faster than the 8.50?

Let's have a look at the 8.50:

The boat won the 2001 Transquadra but the boat is not competitive anymore and since The jeanneau 3200 and the A31 come to scene the difference in real time on the Transquadra is huge. Can the Pogo 30 beat the A31? I have some doubts. The boat is very similar to the 8.50 but 64cms longer . It has more 10cm of beam (3.60 to 3.70m) has more 6m2 of sail (53 to 59m2) but regarding the weight we don't know nothing and I doubt the boat can be lighter than the 8.50 (2800kg), probably it will be heavier.

So, I am very curious because this will be very relevant in what regards the performance of two different types of boats, the A31 and the Pogo 30.

Of course we are talking about a Transat that is basically a downwind race. In a upwind race the A31 would smoke the 8.50. In fact the 8.50 and the Pogo 30 in what concerns racing will be limited to Transats or offshore downwind races while the A31 is not only a great solo boat but also a winner in regatta with a crew. Of course, the running rigging will be completely different for crew and solo racing.

The A31:

We don't know the Pogo 30 ballast or B/D ratio but probably it will be similar to the 8.50 (30%) That is low if compared with the one from the A31 (43%). So we have two very different hulls, one more narrow (3.23) but with a bigger B/D ratio and other beamier (3.60) but with a smaller B/D.

Till now the A31 comes out with flying colors but the A31 is a 9.55m boat against one with 8.50m. Now the things will be more even, with the 9.14m of the new Pogo 30. I guess we will have to wait for the next Transquadra to know

The new Pogo 30:

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