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Re: Floated off the stands

Originally Posted by GaryHLucas View Post
So you might have a couple hundred thousand tied up in your boat. You have 4 or 5 days warning that the hurricane of the century might be coming, and you throw you hands up and say "Oh well!? I'll bet your house is underwater ($ not H20) and that is somebody else's fault too.

My boat is the hole in the water from hell, it's been on hte hard for the past 4 years as I fix one disaster after another with it. I am barely keeping up with the normal deterioration. Plenty of days when a Sawzall and a dumpster makes more sense than working on it. I have liability insurance, but no coverage on the boat itself. In it's current state they'd total it for sure and give me a couple hundred bucks at best.

That doesn't mean I don't worry about my boat floating into your mega yacht and holing it. Nor does it mean I want to lose the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I've invested, even though you can't see that looking at her.

So this past Saturday my 8 year grandson tied her down properly. Four big screw anchors into the ground and 3" nylon straps over the boat. A line from the stern cleat to a post in the ground as well. It held, despite the pile of other boats stacked up against her.

Of course they are lucky too. I don't see any damage to my boat, and I have before and after pictures. So if your boat damaged my boat because you said "Oh Well" then my lawyer is going to earn his keep even if you don't have insurance like I do.
Just what do you do when the water climbs higher than your tie downs allow...

either the anchors pull or the boat stays under...either way you are no better off than the OP...

Just luckier
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