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Re: Floated off the stands

Originally Posted by AndreasNYC View Post
Oh I get it now
he was taking a dig at me.

Just for the record I DID exactly what the people at my yard said was the safest thing to do, which was haul the boat out.

The boat was in fact already hauled out over a week before the storm because that was my plan for the season.

So I am really not sure what I did wrong there.

In the end you can only make the best preparation you can think of and hope for the best.

Oh well, does not indicate I don't care, it just indicates it is best to take a calm approach to circumstances you can not change...

the internet, its full of mean people


you did the best you could, given the circumstances. the idea that you can build a cradle, attach it to the boat, and that it would not affect the buoyancy of the boat is internet madness at it's finest.....even if there were some miraculous material to build it from, how do you control where and when the boat sits back down.

I have seen moored boats break their mooring anchor and settle in the mud, whilst a slipped boat, not a mile away settled back down directly atop a piling with a 20" diameter 12" tall copper point on it, one was undamaged (mooring) the other constructive loss, as there was simply no way to remove it from the impaling without destroying the dock.

You do the best you can to prepare, you did; you have adequate insurance in case; and you take your self back to safe a place as you can find.

best of luck
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