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A little less cheek
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I would like to take umbrage with some of your remarks unfortunately, yours is a common attitude of a lot of Canadians and especially those that I grew up with as a native of Halifax, and later the Okanogan valley in BC, my family has over 300 yrs in that country. The best thing that ever happened is that my father decided to move to California during the war and "Americanized" us all. Besides Halifax, as an adult I've worked in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and I've seen the same attitude amoung my compatriots as you apparently have.

The fact is without the US at your southern boarder, you probably would have disolved into separate provinces and then into chaos. I'm not sure Canada is even a country anymore anyway. The US provides all your defence, financial investment opportunity, produce and foodstuffs, The government is the greatest employer, 20% on the pogey, AND, explain Quebec???? Maybe you don't remember when the separationists were blowing up cafes and gathering places of the "english". And Rene Lesveque (sp) tried two times to separate do you remember the referendums? IMHO Canada has slipped into a socialist morass since the second world war when canada had some backbone.

I do agree and I don't like it that Iraq is costing the US a lot in lives and dollars, which could be best spent elsewhere, and, I don't like the US being the world's policeman. But If not us, who? Canadians? French? In my perfect world, the US would worry only about things within its boarders, and let the rest of the world go to hell if that's where they want to go. Korea and Iran with Nukes, hell, give some to Somalia, Niger, Botswana, So Korea, Thailand, and any other country that wants them.

Sorry for venting, but your post rung my bell at the wrong time.
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