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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

As I have quietly followed this thread, careful not to pass judgement (and realizing I lack the experience to do so), I keep wondering whether the nature of the failure might have led to a similarly fatal result in less severe conditions. It is possible that the storm had little or nothing to do with the root cause of the accident.

It seems that not enough facts have been disclosed to determine this. So many people have repeated the speculation that the boat lost a plank under the stresses induced by the storm that it's easy to mislead oneself in believing that actually happened. So far as I can tell, that is PURE speculation and there has been NOTHING to support that.

So while it's interesting to speculate, we do need to be very careful not to "pile on" based on that speculation.-Takefive

Yea....a voice of reason and wisdom

Rick all the amateur sleuths here know that couldnt be the case..... thats why they have decided already that it was the captain to blame. We dont need any facts

Here is their straight line reasonsing.

Captain wanted to chase a hurricane. Captain left knowing he was headed at a storm. Captain took a route to keep himself away from the strongest winds, though pinning himself against the GS and a notorius trecherous area. Ship sent a distress call that it was taking water...ship sent a distress call it was abondoning ship.

From this the sleuths have deduced that the storm caused the sinking because the captain wanted to sail into it and should be held responsible.

Lets see....lets use that similar airplane analogy again.

Airplane takes off during a rainstorm. Captain seen the week before before having a drink with dinner. Captain feels pressure to leave on time by his company and is cleared. Captain takes a route perscribed by control and flies upward throgh a growing t storm. Captain gets past a lot of the major wind, but comes upon a mountain chain notorius for increased turbulence because they are. Captain sends a Mayday call and plane disappears off radar. Plane crashes

1 hour after the crash is reported Sailnet pundits begin to analyze what they know and come up with the conlcusion the captain is responsible because ultimately the airplane captain is in charge of his plane, should have refused to leave, should have found an alternative route and he probably had a alcohol probelm which contributed. Gilty as charged and the ruining of his reputation can now begin. Sailnet pundits only see weather and the captain as pertinent information. Salinet pundits speculate about training of captain, Maybe a wing fell off, age of airliner fleet, maybe there was a bomb, maybe it was terrorists.

6 months later NTSB issues report saying there was wearing of the electrical wires and spark of electrical wires in one of the fuel tanks which occured because of a flawed design or improper insulation during a routine maintainence overhaul. While wires were covered by problem...once the tanks became somewhat empty the wires sparked and caused an explosion which downed the plane. Captain died along with passangers. Weather played minimal or no imnpact in crash which would have eventually occured away, Captains reputation ruined forever.

All I am saying not enough of the important facts in evidence to draw conclusions or pass judgements yet

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