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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by jameswilson29 View Post

What you fail to realize is that the captain is responsible for the reasonably foreseeable consequences of his inexcusable decision to set sail toward the likely path of a hurricane.


People are responsible for the reasonably foreseeable consequences of their failure to live up to their duties as reasonably prudent people, in this case, a reasonably prudent professional captain. A reasonably prudent professional captain of a ship like the Bounty does not set sail in the face of an impending, unpredictable hurricane. The estate of "Captain Hurricane Chaser/"There is no such thing as bad weather" and everyone responsible for employing someone with knowledge of his apparent lack of judgment will now be responsible for all reasonably foreseeable consequences of his negligence, including the death of this woman. That seems perfectly fair and just to me.

Some of you apparently do not embrace that concept. Some on this listserv refuse to accept the responsibilities of a ship's captain. Your passengers and crew do not assume the risk of your faulty decision-making just because taking to sea is risky venture. When you assume responsibility for other's lives by commanding a boat, you are required to be PRUDENT - which means wise, judicious, careful, cautious and discreet. You have no legal right to gamble, play the odds, and take risks with other's lives at stake. If you do not like that legal liability, then sail solo and do not summon rescue forces

There is no rush to judgment. No further investigation will ever portray this captain as wise, careful or cautious, given what we already know about his decision-making in the circumstances. We are not required to search for a superceding cause to exonerate him. This is very simple: he put the boat in harm's way and harm resulted.
Exactly, very well said... Bottom line, the BOUNTY should not have been where she was, period... To suggest that "the storm had little or nothing to do with the root cause of the accident" is nonsensical. All other mitigating factors are reduced to the peripheral, after that decision to depart New London Thursday, and laying a course directly into the path of the storm, was taken...

I would invite once again suggestions from those who fail to grasp that, who ELSE besides the captain might bear responsibility for this tragedy? And, what possible reason might have compelled him to sail into the teeth of such weather in such a vessel to meet the schedule of being in St Pete by Nov 9?

Seems to me, we are left only with scenarios as bizarre and fantastical as his being forced at gunpoint to depart New London, or being convinced that innocent schoolchildren in St Pete would begin being beheaded hourly if the BOUNTY was not there on schedule... One has to grant that such compelling, mitigating circumstances MIGHT have been at play - but I'd suggest such a case was not bloody likely...

The guy simply made a really, REALLY bad decision... Certainly, there may have been factors that influenced that decision, but I'm still hard-pressed to imagine any that even remotely begin to EXCUSE such a decision by a professional mariner...
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