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1st Aid at Sea & Important Like Items to Carry

I'm in the process of Outfitting my I37 and I'd Like Some Old Salt'S Advice.

I need to buy a Good Quality 1st Aid Kit and add to it. My location is S. FL and Caribbean (sailing area). Most of the sailing will be single added. I assume, that buying the largest 1st Aid Kit would be right (best) choice. I have not looked to see if they are different for marine usage.

My No# 1 Question is: What do you carry and why ? I'm addressing a number of things, have read the Single Handed Sailing Article.

a. Boat Sinking and being in a storm is not required to sink. The I 37 that I just bought was close to sinking when a thru hull fitting let go (former owner story). The pump had a hard time keeping up to the flow and they barely made it to port (prior to sinking) in time.

So, what Emergency equipment needs __ ,___,_____ to be readily available, to grap it, get in the dinghy, or life vest and survive until you're picked (S. FL, warm water) ?!?

Yes, I see the survival kits with the emer. transmitters, food & water, flares, etc. . I'm asking about other great items to have ... that You Recommend. These items are over & above the emer. kits, something you think is important, grap it when you leave your boat. Also, this may be in the middle of the night, really scary and a different world to survive in.

I have read about sailing single handed and failing over board. I read that it's very difficult to get back on board if this occurs while under sail. I read about wearing a tethered harness, having a swim ladder that will deploy at the tug of the rope (smart idea).

Good Over the Counter Med.'s on Board ?

Sickness/ Injury: Falls (broken bones, sprains), Bad Cuts, Burns, Heat Stoke, Food Poisioning, Long (week or so) Term Effects of -- Bad Case of Flu, Pneumonia or like sickness that lends you to being bed fast (very weak) & your by yourself. I assume, once you realize your in a bad situation... You'd put out a distress call to the USCG. I hope your radios are good and not out of range, that would be a bad situation, so SOS is next.

The Best tlll Last.. the Bad Guy's Out There (Pirates).

I know of the Pirate danger, was in the military. I worked with different law enforement agency's in S. FL and other locations. I will ask what is permitted to be carried on board in a off topic question per the law. I talking about being away from the coast (Grand Turks & Caicos Islands) line and furher down the Caribbean chain. I'm aware of the drug traffic there, bad things can happen out there, particulary at night. Just asking for your knowledge or someones personal experience(s) i.e. what happened to ____ (?) . I think we all get more out of, " this happened to me story's ! " I remember all the times I was in a bad situation (Wx, combat, maint. problems, green horn mistakes) and lived to tell about it & passed these event's on to others.

I'm asking for this information to add to my preperation/ readiness knowledge base; including others that may read this thread. Having a well (emer. gear) prepared boat (knowing what to do).. may/ will be difference in being a -- Survivor or Not !

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