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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post


Originally Posted by JonEisberg
Fair enough... I'll be eagerly anticipating the emergence of the mitigating "facts" that will render "moot" the sailing of a pig like the BOUNTY into the teeth of the largest, most destructive hurricane ever to hit North America, and meeting it directly abeam of the most treacherous lee shore in the Western North Atlantic, and in opposition to one of the most powerful ocean currents on the planet...
Oh, for crying out loud I promised I would not do this.

Suppose that the investigation reveals that the malfunction had absolutely nothing to do with the weather...that the lee shore had no effect on the outcome...that the vessel would have sunk anyway without a hurricane to the southeast? Based on the captain's statements, this ship had seen worse than 18 ft. seas and 40 knot winds before.

I am not denying the presence of the weather, and the questionable judgement to head out. But it is possible that the facts could show that the weather was not a factor in the root cause, and then much of the speculation about it becomes moot. Had he stayed in for the hurricane, nobody would have died on that day. But what if the nature of the malfunction was something that would have happened on his NEXT trip out, and would have led to the same fatal result? Then the hurricane is moot, and people still would have died. It's purely speculation, but two can play that game.
Again, fair enough, that's possible, one must suppose...

However, I will simply say that if a final investigation determines this tragedy had "absolutely nothing to do with the weather", I will be VERY perplexed, to say the least...

Such a determination would seem a bit like suggesting the loss of RULE 62 had nothing to do with the skipper's decision to attempt to enter a Bahamian cut, at night, during a rage condition... But, perhaps that's just me, who might see it that way... (grin)

I'll concede your point, that it's possible some information that comes to light that further illuminates the "malfunction" that sealed the fate of the BOUNTY... What I'm seeking, at this point, are suggestions of factors/scenarios that would make the Master's decision to leave New London when he did, sailing the course he laid, passing on the opportunity to put into the Chesapeake/Hampton Roads/Portsmouth when he did, and so on - all appear to be the actions of a prudent and reasonable seaman...

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