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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by TakeFive View Post
I not defending, just pointing out that speculation may be fruitless. Go at it if you have time to spare.
Not sure if your post is in response to mine, but...

Actually, I believe I've attempted to avoid pure "speculation" in the course of this thread. Based somewhat on the evidence provided by the interview with Trowbirdge in Belfast, I have my own "hunch" on what might have informed his decision to sail, but I've kept that to myself, and haven't offered it here... Sure, I have invited speculation on the part of those who appear to believe there may have been some good reason(s) for this voyage, simply because I'm completely at a loss to come up with any on my own...

I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree that it is not "speculation" to point out that to have deliberately placed his crew in the Gulf Stream, between Cape Hatteras and a storm as powerful as Sandy, aboard a wooden ship a half-century old, was a VERY risky and unwise maneuver... Generations of Atlantic sailors would likely agree, perhaps the Bay of Biscay is the only other place in the North Atlantic basin which might be as treacherous in such weather...

I've spoken to numerous friends and professional acquaintances about this tragedy, and to a person, EVERY one's initial reaction has been the same: Namely, "WTF were they doing out there in the first place???"

The burden of proof seems raised absurdly high, if it is not by now considered a reasonably well established FACT among sailors that the BOUNTY'S position would be a very, VERY bad place to be in such conditions... And, it was most certainly no ACCIDENT that she was there, at that time...
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