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Re: 1st Aid at Sea & Important Like Items to Carry

"OTC meds I've got cover the scope of what I hopefully won't need!! ibuprofen, tylenol, ASA, cough and cold, cough drops, anti-diarrhea, antihistamine (diphenhydramine and loratadine), antacids.... Wal-mart recently had generic bottles of most all of these for $0.88 a bottle and I loaded up"
Damn, we must have been taking the same drugs, because I've got a 99c bottle of 100 aspirin with a 2009 date on it. But when I went to look for replacements this summer, even at WallyWorld, everything else was 6-12 pills for $4-5 and the aspirin weren't 99c anymore either. WTF happened to the costs of simple pain meds?!

The 4x4 gauze pads (and if you can't fix something with 4x4 pads and a bandage roll, it probably needs a medevac) are incredibly cheap on, of all the unlikely places. Hospitals buy these by the crate, some folks are splitting the crate and selling a dozen individually sealed rolls for $5 or so, instead of the incredible prices at the discount drug chains. (3x-4x higher?! Again, WTF?!)

Brian, IIRC Lomotil is not an RX drug, it is a common anti-diarrheal. Coupla bucks for 50-100 generic pills in WallyWorld. For South Florida residents, you can also get a weeks worth of Cipro (RX needed) free from the Publix Supermarket pharmacies. Not the same as Zithromycin but still a useful antibiotic. They fill a number of scripts free, and they're not a bad place to shop. (G)

I'd have to agree that guns have no place in the first aid kit or the ditch bag. Some folks would say, that's just not right, what if you are carrying horses on board, like the sailors did in the 1600s, and one of them has to be put down? Shouldn't you have a 45 in the kit to put it out of it's misery? Hellno, you'll never hear the end of it from PETA, ask your vet for the correct meds to use, if you have horses onboard. Don't mess with PETA.

Avery, if you flew 9xxx hours and never broke anything, you weren't testing it hard enough! (VBG)

Depending on the value of your time...the expensive premade kits do have one advantage, in that they are often compartmentalized to stow things nicely. Somehow, packing a med kit is always a case of fitting round pegs in square holes, or vice versa.
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