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Re: Volvo MD7A Not Starting

I have checked for leaks and there are none. After I had the injectors rebuilt the motor started right up. It was idleing at 1100 so I adjusted the screw that keeps the throttle where it is back until I got it to 800 and it ideled fine. I cut it off and tried to restart and it just sputtered a few secs and cut off and would not restart. I pulled the injectors and had them tested and they are fine. If you break loose and injector line at injector connection, there is fuel coming out on both. If you hold your hand over intake it sucks your hand in so it is getting air. I put the idle screw back to where it had been before and it will not start. I replaced filters and checked all my lines and bled it according to the manual 5 times over 5 days and it still will not start. Had some people who know deisels and they are scratching there heads. No blown or leaking head gasket either. If you try and give it a little throttle while cranking it will start to put out white smoke like it is getting fuel but it never runs. I may try and replace the spin on filter that mounts on the engine"even though I just did this for troubleshooting" just to make sure I did not get a bad one and bleed again but since the injectors are good and it is getting air and no blown head gasket and if you give it some throttle while cranking the smoke turns white the only other thing anyone can think of is that the 30 year old high pressure pump is not putting out enough pressure to make the injectors pop correctly.
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