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Armchair sailor's opinion

Some more information:

The opinion of another armchair sailor (now with 77), that was for 16 years the Bounty Captain:

Hugh Boyd, 77, a former Bounty captain for 16 years, echoed Carey in wondering why Walbridge took the ship out as a hurricane approached.

"I'm so sorry he went out in this weather to risk the lives of him and his crew," Boyd said. "It was very risky business."

Another armchair sailor and former Captain of the tall ship Virginia:

Captain Hank Moseley:

Moseley said many people questioned the decision to go to sea with the storm looming."All of us watched through social media that the ship had departed, and many of us were surprised that they left when they did and followed the route that they did. If the decision were mine to make, I wouldn't have made that passage."

Another armchair sailor, the Captain of the tall ship Picton Castle:

The captain of the Picton Castle says he can’t understand why the Bounty was at sea Monday when a massive hurricane was forecast to hit.

Indeed, Dan Moreland postponed leaving Lunenburg more than a week ago precisely because of hurricane Sandy.

“It was an easy decision to make,” he said. “It’s black and white, there are no nuances with this. It’s a huge system and that made the decision very simple.”

Moreland said he has known Robin Walbridge, the longtime captain of the Bounty, for years and he is an experienced seaman, but Moreland said he was shocked that Walbridge decided to sail, given the forecast.

“Yes, I have to say yes, I can’t say anything else. When I first heard the Bounty was out there, I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ ”

Moreland said there was very good information on the storm well in advance.

“I don’t understand this one at all,” he said. “This is a huge system, there is no way of avoiding this, there’s no dodging and weaving around it.”

Moreland has captained the Picton Castle on five circumnavigations, and the tall ship has sailed more than 400,000 kilometres under his command without incident.

Moreland had planned to set sail in the Picton Castle over a week ago but delayed the voyage because of the impending hurricane.

“I had no interest in going because of this storm,” clearly a large system that would have extensive impact, he said.

He postponed the departure until last Wednesday, and then, given the latest weather information, decided to stay put until the storm passed....

Moreland expects the Bounty’s sinking to come under intense scrutiny.

“When you lose a ship, there are some pretty obvious questions out of this. It’s pretty horrible, and the big question is, the decision to go.”

Another armchair sailor but one that knows one or two things about the Bounty, the former president of the Society of Preservation of the HMS Bounty, Cathy Carey :

she wondered why Walbridge was on the ocean with all the warnings about the looming superstorm. "He knew the storm was coming, for a couple of weeks. He had plenty of time to know," she said. "He shouldn't have gone out there...

And the saddest and oddest thing is that this was not a first time for the Bounty (with the same Captain). Some years ago almost sunk exactly by the same reasons it sank now:

This was not the first time the Bounty was in peril. In 1998, several newspapers reported the ship almost sank after three of its bilge pumps failed.

Investigators said the ship started taking on water when a storm banged the ship around, loosening the caulking between the planks and allowing water to seep in. The Coast Guard responded and delivered pumps to the troubled vessel.

2nd day of searching for ship's captain is unsuccessful | |

Picton Castle captain questions Bounty being at sea during storm | The Chronicle Herald
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