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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by lancelot9898 View Post
One of the crew/survivor stated that he had been through 2 hurricanes on the Bounty with the captain. I would like to hear more details on that one which the investigation should cover. To me statements like that should be proof enough that we should all be very careful in thinking that we know it all by our past actions/experiences. Some common sense seems to be lacking.
Again from the Gcapatin site from Jemplayer:

"The whole vessel at sea is safer then at port thing just comes off as pure dumb ******* to me. With insurance now a days who should care what happens to a vessel while at the dock? Tie the ****** up and head for the hills. Two people would be alive right now if they used common sense.

Saying "well the U.S. Navy does it" is just another sign of these peoples ignorance. They are in steel hull boats several hundred feet long so yes they can do a lot more damage to the docks and themselves with high water and winds, but they have the sense also to go the complete opposite ******* way of the storm. Coupled with the fact that keeping our navy functioning and that large ships need more water under them in a storm so they do not start to hog and sag to the point that they eventual break their keel do to the wave period decreasing due to the water getting shallower. There is a real purpose and some reasoning to that, but to send people out to potentially save what essentially amounts to a rich mans toy is criminal. How these people in their wooden and plastic toys think they are in the same league as a 500 hundred foot ship is beyond me.

Hell all of us are on vessels that could weather anything worse then these amateur sailors could ever imagine and none of us would have even thought of attempting some of the **** I have seen done by those idiots. Really going out in the middle of a bay to ride a hurricane out just thinking that if worse comes to worse and you sink you can just jump in your dingy or swim to shore?!?!?! May be those guys should take a survival craft class and see the difficulty and dangers in beaching a boat in a storm. Without a doubt these guys don't know that a sea anchor is needed to have any real chance of success. Just ask they crew that died in Japan when they didn't take their vessel offshore far enough that it's back broke. When beaching they didn't use a sea anchor and they might have well been in a washing machine on spin cycle.

But I've never gotten the fascination the hard core amateur crowd has for saving their toys by putting their lives in danger to do it."

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