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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Dave, give me just one possible reason for the Captain to sail to a Hurricane, risking the live of his crew, when if he stayed in Port even if we would have the possibility of having some damage on the boat, would have the crew safe- PCP.
Paulo, Since you address me specifically, and there are many other posters here who have said similiar, I will respond. Like i have said numerous times I dont understand why he set sail. How many times do I have to say that. I AGREE WITH YOU, I have also said that that he erred in judgement for doing that. Can we just get that straight here. I beleive that this was a contributory factor in the sinking. It also has not been demonstarted to me that that was the only factor and that this vessel would not have floundered during tomorrows northeaster. This will come out when the maintainence and build quality are analayzed.

I have also said that there may be other factors involved in the sinking. I dont understand why everyone takes that to mean that I am DEFENDING the Captain here. I am not. What I am saying is that there is more to come in terms of facts. It seems as though a bunch of the posters think that is wrong to say...while there are a fair number of posters who also want to see the other facts also and not rush to judgement that he is the only or even the principal cause.

Also many on this thread have made this HUGE deal about the Captains u tube post. Many have made insinuations of his incompetance from that. When the actual crew memebers on baord with him that fatefull day now say something which either contradicts or gives another angle of the captains personality, you dont want to accept that. An eyewitness account and the interviews of people who really worked with that captain seem to be to be a more valid view of the captains personality, termperment, and abilities than social media posts. Let me ask another quest. I have yet to hear any of you admit that yet. Maybe thats because you have already rushed to judgement.

The real danger in the rush to judgement is that you may neglect to overlook other critical factors in this. e already have said time and time again he should have left in a hurricane looming. So we are done with that. No need to keep repeating it.

Since we want this to be a learning experience and discuss it so that we dont repeat the mistakes...please keep your minds open that there many be other contributory reasons and correctioins from this tragedy. One of the accusations was that he wasnt qualified to be a captain. Another was the builkd quality of the ship. Another was the pressure put on the Captain by the company. Another was the inexperience of the crew. Another was the general maintainence of the ship. On and On there are other things to learn so they are not repeated if we keep an open mind and do not rush to judgement.

Lastly remember you are getting much of your information from posts on the internet, twitter, SN, news etc and other social media sites which we all know are far less than accurate and can be slanted and doctored.

Actual transcripts from interviews do not fall into this category. Please keep level heads here. The posters here who keep saying let the other facts come out are not wrong to say that and should not be attacked, called dumb or ignorant and shouted down.
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