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Re: Question regarding Rocna Anchor's Roll Bar

Originally Posted by Capt. Grimek View Post
I've been looking at Rocnas on the dock and even though the plow portion looks good, that tall curved roll bar cries out one big concern for me. A friend and local broker said he had the same concerns looking at them.

My question is: When anchored in a blow and less seamanlike owner's boats
are dragging down on your location, aren't those tall semi-circular roll bars
just "begging" for a neighbor's dragging anchor fluke or plow tip to enter, continue dragging enough to pull out your anchor? Or at the least tip it on it's side enough that the neighbor's anchor won't let yours reset?

I can't imagine this not being a risk. Can owners explain why this would not be
of concern?

I've been using a CQR oversized for over 30 years in the Pacific N.W. in trying situations and have no desire to change, but I'm interested in looking over the "new generation" anchors to see what they offer.
That "hoop" on the Rocna raised our eyebrows.

For WA State and B.C. sailors here, it's Nanaimo,B.C./ Newcastle Is. Anchorage that comes to mind primarily. Seen many people drag in a there and many people don't use adequate scope, etc. We haven't ever dragged in 30 years other than 2 initial "trial" sets. It' the other guy I'm worried far ;-)
Given Nanaimo BC's increasing hostility towards cruisers, anchoring there may soon be a moot point. The downtown basin has been sold to Washington Marine Group, a group which has been asking $5 an hour for visitors to park their dinghy, and is selling slips to private owners for up to $65,000 each.
Their moorage rates send a clear message to cruisers, only the filthy rich are welcome in Nanaimo. Many are passing it by, and elsewhere there is no shortage of anchorages where there is little chance of anyone dragging down on you.

I have been considering using a roll bar on a delta type anchor, to simplify construction and galvanizing. Has anyone tried that?
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