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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Also many on this thread have made this HUGE deal about the Captains u tube post. Many have made insinuations of his incompetance from that. When the actual crew memebers on baord with him that fatefull day now say something which either contradicts or gives another angle of the captains personality, you dont want to accept that. An eyewitness account and the interviews of people who really worked with that captain seem to be to be a more valid view of the captains personality, termperment, and abilities than social media posts. Let me ask another quest. I have yet to hear any of you admit that yet. Maybe thats because you have already rushed to judgement.

I have not any doubt the Captain was a hell of a sailor and a very easy going guy with a great personality. it turns out that a good Captain can not have some of those qualities and can even be a less good sailor but has to have an indispensable one: responsibility and a correct evaluation of risks in the sense that he should take none except in a situation where a calculated risk is the lesser risk.

Obviously that was not the case with this Captain and it looks like that story of chasing hurricanes is not only a bad joke since it seems that in fact the Ship had been and survived several hurricanes. A crew has confidence in its Captain, specially if it is a great sailor, a charming guy and assumes that he knows what he is doing. That's why he is the Captain. It turns out that this one did not knew what he was doing. I don't mean in what regards to sail well that boat but in regards to take the unacceptable and stupid risk to take the ship into a Hurricane and it seems not one time but several times.

I agree with Minnewaska when he says:

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post

The ongoing fact that this Captain had taken Bounty into a hurricane before are mounting. Now the crew acknowledged it. This is a risk management concept that is well taught. People take on risk, survive it and begin to believe they are able to manage it. In reality, the risk isn't a 100% killer and they won the previous hands. If you keep playing, you eventually come up craps. Call it the preponderance of evidence, if you are offended by a conclusion prior the government report.

Now here is something I find ironic. So far, the only purported facts that I have read that have proven false where those in defense of the Captain: sailed to protect the ship, sailed East of the storm, didn't sink off Hatteras. Maybe I missed some.


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