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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post

Maybe their professionalism has taken center stage and they arent rushing to juggement, Are their only 4 tall ship captains in the world....hardly, there are many.

Just a side note the Captain of the Pride of Baltimore interview today says hes witholding jusdgement until more facts come forward and the inquirey by the GC is done.

So PCP and others, we have all established that the Captain has some of the degree of responsibility here. Why do you guys keep railing on about it? Why do you find it necessary to keep pounding on that point like a broken record? We all have learned that sailing into a hurricane isnt a good idea. So what is your purpose to keep bringing this up? You seem fixated on this one point. Other posters here like JulieMor have asked questions concerning other causations and have expanded their views without exhonorating the Captains responsibilities.

Surely there are other lessons you want the newbies and others to learn from this arent there?

The captain had not some responsibility it has ALL RESPONSABILITY.

He was only there because he decided to be there, in a Hurricane leaving a safe port, where a similar tall ship stayed without any problem.

I guess that are you and others like you that keep posting what I consider nonsense regarding his absence of responsibility or possibility of diminished responsibility.

Regarding teaching the newbies I do not consider myself more knowledgeable that a new member or someone that post less than me. There are some that are more knowledgeable I am sure.

The newbies are us regarding these guys that are all professional sailors, mates and captains and what they say about us is this:

"This Bounty thing has really stirred up a lot of people all across the board and reading the posts on various forums is enlightening and sometimes amusing but some of the stuff from the recreational crowd sends a chill up your spine. A good result though is that gCaptain is getting some mention as a source of professional insights and comment. Heaven only knows how many of their readers faint away like 19th century school girls when they come across the pointy stick style of seafaring criticism. They don't seem to appreciate facts that are much blunter than a plastic sailboat's bow.


If nothing else this whole Bounty affair is showing us that there really is a gulf between the recreational (including the TSC) hobbyist and the professional mariner. These guys are really really scary, a lot scarier than I ever believed they were. I think this storm has opened a few eyes but unfortunately it seems to have driven some of the survivors into a deeper defensive position, from fear or just embarrassment I don't know."


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