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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

The only one that I saw defending the captain was the owner of the boat, Bounty people and some in this thread, saying that he had done the right thing because it was better in an Hurricane to sail the boat out to sea than staying on the port

Who specifically said that in this thread? Name them I dont recall anyone saying that but maybe I am wrong

Regarding the condition of the ship it is a Captain's duty to know the condition of the ship and regarding that condition decide in what conditions the ship would be safely sailed.
How many times are you going to say this we already know how you feel.

When Sandy caught the Gulf Stream, she was accelerating its dangerous roar very rapidly to the north ..PCP.
Wrong again Paulo...the Gulf Stream did not accelerate the storm it doesnt do that. Its the Jet Stream which does this/ The steering currents in the air did this. The blocking high over the Canadian Maritimes moved off the coast and a Canadian front dove down out of central Canada to below Hatteras setting up the perfect storm scenerio. Counter clockwise flow of the hurricane which was now extra tropical added to the SW flow on the backside of the Canadian maritime high accelerated the storm and sent it crashing back into the coast. This flow was historically highly unusual for ANY storm to make such a dramatic left turn. Usually these storms eventually get pushed out to sea and would have bisected any easterly course the Bounty would have taken. Not that she should have been out there in the first place.

you keep using this gCaptain site as some sort of gospel or definative subject on the matter.
Actually this site by its own admission is a social media site lets see SN is a social media site, Twitter is a social media site, Facebook is a social media site. Social media sites are full of real expertise and people who prentend to have expertise and people with all kinds of opinions.

I have seen you post on Sailnet a social media site in the politics section and rail on and on about the Ameruican govt and make suggestions and comments like you are an expert with no disclaimer? Now I know you are not an expert in American govt, but that doesnt prevent you from posting your opinion and pretending you are one. It also doesnt prevent some who doesnt know any better from using what you say and quoting it to make a point

This from the gCaptain site you posted
Nowhere on the internet however, has more criticism been raised of this event than the gCaptain Forum. With over 20,000 members from around the world, this forum has essentially grown to become the social media platform for the professional maritime industry.
Robin Walbridge is No Master Mariner, he might have the license, but not the skillsPCP
Says can you say that... you are qualified to say that because?????????. I think you need to place a disclaimer on your posts like you thought should be put on mine lest some newbie mistake you for an intelligent sailor with experience and follow your lead. I suggest you add something like JulieMor suggested I put which is the following

I make the decisions I do and offer advice on Sailnet from the information I have available to me and my own personal experience in sailing. These decisions or advice may not be the best solutions for everyone else.
Personally It is really tiring to me and I bet a few others of us of your continuing to say the same thing over and over again and also present information as fact when it is mearly your opinion or conjecture or something you found in a social media site. Were it not for that and distorions should not go unchallenged I know I would have very few posts on this thread.

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