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Re: Winter Moisture Control

Originally Posted by TheTardis View Post
This is great! I'm really getting a lot from reading thoughts on all sides of this debate and I really appreciate all of your comments! What I have done so far is: Applied mildew/mold resistant primer to the hull and put reflectix over that. The thought being that if there is any mold build up behind the insulation it will be kept to a minimum. I have ordered the hypervent for the settees and v-birth since most everyone agrees that it is a good thing. This leave me with venting or dehumidifying... Since I will need heat either way, I need to choose an appropriate heater. My boat is on 25' so it isn't much space to heat, and I do have shore power. So to redirect this thread for a sec, who is using what heaters and any opinions (and I KNOW you have them ! ) on what may work best for my small space. THANK YOU ALL!
On submarines, our greatest fear was fire or flooding. I am rather paranoid when it comes to heat producing equipment, and the load placed on electrical systems.

You really, really don't want to come back to your boat after a hard days' work and find a hull burned down to the waterline. Not to mention that you have a furry friend onboard.

First, make damn sure that your boat's shore power system is safe, and do not exceed it's load limit. (amperage)

Second, I've found that the oil-filled electric radiator heaters are much safer than forced-air fan heaters with the heater element. The oil-filled heaters have a tip-over shutoff for safety. They make a nice, dry heat.

I have a forced-air heater as a booster, but I NEVER run it unattended.
I also have a Coleman "Black Cat" catalytic propane heater, that will be my emergency booster on those few 11F degree days. I've seen 9F degrees since I've been in Maryland. It ain't pretty. The Coleman heater can be plumbed to a large propane bottle that you keep out in the cockpit if you buy the adapter kit.


Forced air heater

Coleman Black Cat

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