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Re: Our Medical Experiences in Mexico

my two cents... and this will have nothing to do with which country has better care, is more affordable, provides faster care, or who has lower taxes. This isn't in response to anything anyone has said in particular, but a general response to comments about greed and/or money.

Care is based on the individual care provider, and there are good and bad people everywhere you go (in every way). There are good doctors everywhere you go, just more of them in some places...

On the point of the cost of healthcare, no matter where you go: don't be upset that your surgeon or physician wants to make good money. Doctors have worked incredibly hard to obtain their education and training, and sometimes the things they do are just plain amazing.

Frankly, if a pediatric heart surgeon who can repair the still-beating heart of a premature neonate by hand and see that child become well enough to leave the hospital and live a healthy life, then if he or she wants to drive a Porsche or Ferrari and live in a huge house then I have absolutely no problem with that what-so-ever. Now let me contrast that with the money an NBA basketball star is making and I'll ask you which one is contributing more to humanity? People are willing to spend thousands (and thousands and thousands) of dollars on season tickets to professional sports while wearing their team sweatshirt they paid $100 for because it's got a licensed logo don't seem to have an issue with it. But then if they have to pay a co-pay for a surgery they're upset.

Again, this is not in direct response to anyone or any post. Just an observation of where we spend our money and how I feel it's misdirected at times.

Another thing to consider is that health care in the US is often expensive to make up for those that aren't paying for it. You go the emergency department here and you cannot be turned down based on your ability (or inability) to pay due to Federal law. Many of those bills go unpaid and the cost is recouped in other revenue streams. Nope, it doesn't actually cost a few grand to get an x-ray, but the last three people might not have been able to pay for theirs. Fair? nope... not saying it is, just saying it's a reality. Also, bear in mind hospitals have non-revenue departments that need to be paid for... like security, IT, grounds/maintenance.... They don't make money for the hospital, but that's going to have to be paid for too, thus procedures and care start looking expensive.

Anyway.... just wanted to interject a few of these thoughts. How any country pays for healthcare is not a simple equation. It's complicated stuff and is different from one region to another. I personally don't have any experience as a patient outside the US, but have taught emergency medicine in South America and feel confident that we take a lot of things for granted in North America, whichever country you're in.

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