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Re: Steering Cable Tension Estimate (no book)

I did a Bow to Stern search today and found a -- tiller under the bow berth compartment.

I did not take it out and try it. The tiller arm was about 3 ft. long and had a steel shaft (about 1 ft.) attached to it, the end of it was 6 or 8 sided. Tomorrow, I will see if drops in and and it's the right one. I can't imagine why it would be carried on this boat and fit's another boat but I've been fooled before. Last thought, I don't see how I'd be able to use the tiller below deck. The top of the mast housing is about 9 inches below the top deck. Maybe I missed a opening above it and it fits right in the top of the mast tube. I did see a 6 in. screw or pop up clear plastic cover but it was about 2 feet forward of the mast tube (centered in the the tub (if I'm saying it right).

I've seen this before and wondering about the -- Real Value/ Importance of having a spare rudder on board ! ? !

I'm about to make a new rudder and could do (2) of them at the same time. The cost of materials will be about $ 400.00 each (rough est.). Now's the time to make a 2nd rudder and the extra $ 400 or $ 500 bucks does not worry me.

The I37 has a 5.9 ft. keel, the former owner said that it was always a concern of his. So, (green horn ques.) with a rudder that sticks down there, nearly 6 ft., I'm more likely to get it banged up. I'm at risk... more then some of the other sailboat designs.

Would it be a Good Idea to Do Two of them and carry it on board. I do plan on taking the boat on longer trips in 2014.

2nd Question: I did not put my Xray Eye Balls on the cables. I see that the steering cables are recommended to be replaced as well.

My 1st (today) Impression of the cables.. they looked real good, like new. I did not see any sign of wear nor broken strands, etc. . They looked like stainless steel (??) cables. The cable pulleys looked good, the grooves did not look worn. Tomorrow, I need to really check everything out with a good light and xray eyes turned on. I will call the former owner and ask about these cables, he spent $ 20K on this boat. Back to 2nd question -- if they (cables) look good and check good, they are good to go and leave them alone

3rd Question: The owner told me that he did not think the cabin wheel was rigged right. He said, that it needed checked out for wear, adjustment or ??

Today's check out -- the aft. wheel seems Ok (lock to lock) and is driven by chain & cable arrangement. The cabin wheel is driven by a rotary cable and looks fairly new. I did not feel anything that different (cabin whl.). I need to have someone put hand pressure against the rudder and check it again. I will turn it through from lock to lock from the cabin wheel & recheck it again with my sons help.

Back to 3rd question > If the cabin wheel does have play (with rudder loaded) or it's a lot more noticeable, then... do these rotary cable's get >> Sprung or Twisted (weakened) inside the cable tube ? Is the only way to fix this problem >> Replacement ?


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