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Re: The Emotions Over The Bounty Tragedy


I am also in the same position as Jimjazzdad.
I am also sick of the compter screen denizens passing judgement on this tragic incident

Actually you were not present on Sailnet, but I dont think this has stirred anymore controversey here than the Fairlones or Rule 62 incidents. I finally had to stop reading the thread as the conjecture and the amateur sleuth detectives were going off on such tangents, I couldnt even rememeber what was fact and what was heresay. Because its the internet I guess everyone is an expert in their own minds. And because social media sites like SN it is the NEW normal now to use the election phrase. Ten years ago this would not have happened this way for sure

One could argue that this is a step forward, an improvment because of the new normal, the social media site. Well I dont beleive that everything about this social media site is neccessarily an improvement for all of us. While information is more readily available quickly, so is misinformation. Where is used to be easier to identify fact from opinion, and there was usually time involved, time has vanished from the equation and after the very first shread of a fact the speculation starts ( this is not new).

One of the parts of the new normal I have having trouble adjusting to is the apparent lack of civility which can come with it. When people talk in person there is usually an understood commitment between them it seems. Even though im my businesses we communicate a lot through the net there is still a commitment for civility. Between friends on the net the commitment to civility is maintained. On these social networking sites that doesnt take place. We need moderators on this one for instance whose sole and only purpose really is to keep olrder and for the most part they do a good job, but they cant always be present. So sometimes the internet bullys reign

Most of the time I can control myself when I see one of the offenders by just saying this is the net...thats alll...not fact. Even when someone says " oh were just trying to get to the truth", and maybe they truly mean that, but its a bit of a farce, because those of us who truly conduct investigations in our workplace would never allow or go about it the way it transpires here.

While its fun to project and judge things on here it really isnt real, there are no rules of evidence, there are no real rules period. Just a bunch of ametuers like me with enough experience to read and write, and maybe a smattering of professionals with real lkonowledge in some of the matters, sitting aorund a bar shooting the sh..t. gossiping.

Thats what social media sites are...gossip...not fact. Thats what social media sites are...gossip...not fact. You can learn a lot when people gossip. You can make friends in real life from it. Goodness knows some of you guys know me for real. We have met in person..and at least coming from my side..I am better of from it. I can list a few people on here I have been with numerous times and really enjoy your company. Some have mentored and continue to mentor me ( if if you dont know it) and some maybe I am the mentor, and some its just pure frienship with my wife and I. Thats the good of the social media site of SN.

SN is a social media site and therefore a gossip site. Most of the time it means nothing....what type of anchor, firearms, what type of sail etc. so no one gets real emotional. In these three instances you have mentioned above Baounty, Rule, Fairlones there is emotion. People have perished. Some of us. me included get over indignant when the gossip turns to judgement. Judge,emt ruining reputations and in my opinion to an extent sullying the dead by a bunch of ameteurs.

I wouldnt want my actions judged by this gossip board aclled SN. And i can tell you when my panties get in a twist here it is when I feel someone is using this gossip board to pass jusgement on my actions, like recently with me basically blogging wile a stayed on board my boat during Sandy. Like what right really did any of you have to tell me I was an idiot, winner of the darwin award, or telling newbies the wrong advice. I got all of that thrown at me.

My bad for losing sight I was on a gossip board and not just laughing it off and telling you all to F..k off when it occured. I am not happy at myself for not doing that. I know better what to do and will improve in the future.

I can point to the many friends I have met and say this is the positive, and they KNOW me in person. This is why I stay. I can poin to the Failones, Rule 62, and now Bounty and say this is the negative .

Lets see how long it takes on of the "attack persons" to start making fun of or pokinhg holes in what is my humble opinion.

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