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Re: The Emotions Over The Bounty Tragedy

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
In my case it is not about the respect for the family but the rush to judgement which could possibly cloud or cause the investigation to miss important pertinant causation which has caused the angst in me.

I feel they may cloud or impede an accurate investigation.
Don't worry. No formal investigation will take the slightest notice of what is said here and on other forums. There is no jury so there is no risk of contaminating a jury pool as sometimes happens in highly publicized criminal cases.

The record of formal investigations producing accurate and useful conclusions about sailing vessel losses is pretty poor. I can't take time to go into it here but you can Google around the Wooden Boat Forum and other places to see what I've said about Pride of Baltimore and Marques investigations. Even the person who conducted one of the best investigations into a sailing vessel loss that I know of agreed with a Facebook post I made saying the I didn't think there was a lot to learn from an investigation into this accident.

One risk of public discussion is that people like myself will be excluded from an investigation as I was from the POB inquiry due to public statements I had made on behalf of other sail training clients. I could have pointed out to them the simple math calculation they forgot to do which completely undermines the findings.

However, I am happy not to get formally involved in this and it would be more about ship operations than characteristics so there are many people more qualified than myself.

You should probably read through this if you have not already. It will give you some insight into some of your other questions which are too numerous to answer right now.

Pride and Stability
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