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Re: My Escape Plan - Insights Wanted

Originally Posted by eric-the-red View Post
That's good to hear. How much do you typically budget for a year of cruising?
I can cruise around the caribbean on $1000 a month like a king. I almost never go to a dock for more than a night every once in a great while, I have practically no sensitive systems that need repair and parts that I can't do with out. I can load up on a month's worth of food and booze for few hundred dollars. I spend $12,000 a year top's. That means if I had $200,000 cash in the bank, ( almost a 1/4 mil.) I could cruise for 20 years! I may spend as much as 3 months anchored in some off the grid lagoon in central America and not spend a dime. I may spend $500 in a weekend partying in town, and take off for another month loaded up with provisions and not spend a dime. For the gadget boat, marina to marina cruiser it's not possible. For the bare bones, singlehandler your budget is a dream. The initial cost is setting your self up for self sufficiancy, then you spend money when you want to, not because you need to. A lot of dudes don't get it. They need equipment and supply's that keep them tied to the dock with an imaginary ambilical chord. The acronym K.I.S.S. comes to mind. My boat is worth 5 grand top's. 1965 Soverel 28 with no engine. ( a small out board for close quarter hip towing) I have a handheld gps from a pawn shop and good used sails and gear, extra large ground tackle. I never manuever near other boats at I higher speed than I can fend off with a finger. My insurance is in my ability to handle my boat and deal with what ever the ocean cough's up. There are a lot of sailors out there that would be nut's to run with out insurance. 24 years of cruising and I've never come close to needing the false sense of security that extra cost woud supply. (I've sunk my boat twice by the way)
" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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